Who is He?


I really should tell you a little about myself.

I am Steven Abbott and by day during the week I am an IT Manager for a Digital Signage Software Company in Leicester and by evenings and weekends I am co Pastor of a church within the CGi Movement known as Wellspring CGC.  I say co Pastor as I am married to Yvonne and within CGi we believe that we Pastor together, not one and the other be the stay at home Pastor’s wife type of scenario.

It’s a good life, busy but good.   I am oldest of 3 sons, Philip and Matthew being the other 2 in age order from me down.  We are the sons of Margaret and Michael and they live in the East End of Glasgow where I grew up from the age of 14 months.   I have been married to Yvonne, often known as Yve since  August 1999.  We met while we were both at University of Paisley at a Christian Union meeting, me in my studies and Yve working as a Beauty Therapist.
We have no children, although we have been actively trying for many years, this has not been possible with no medical explanation and now we are in the Adoption process again here in Nottingham where we currently live.  I say again as we started the process in Paisley where we lived, but the move to Nottingham came after we had done the Preparation Classes but we called a halt as our move here was imminent.

Now we have been in Nottingham for nearly 18 months and we have been accepted and started the Adoption Prep Classes here in Nottinghamshire Council (February 2010).  (See the Adoption Timeline Page for more dates and info)

That is where this blog is coming from and is essentially starting from, if you want to know more about where and why and all that I am on Facebook and Skype (budscot).

See ya around, hope some of this makes sense, makes you think, makes you laugh and above all makes you want to come back again and see how the whole story unfolds…