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Business is booming

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

While the economy is still trying to recover and find it’s feet I am pushing the boundaries, both personally and in many other ways.  Having officially started the Kinnell Kreations business over a year ago, registered for VAT dealt with HMRC for NI being self employed etc, you may recall I fell quite ill.  Well 12 months on and after much gnashing of teeth and personal reflection Kinnell Kreations is getting a new lease of life, or should that be I am getting my butt in gear, whichever way you want to word it, things are moving forward.

The whole grand idea behind it was several, provide for the family, be more available to the family, work for someone that shares my values and principles (that last one was more about the last company I worked for I left because I struggled with practice’s and management, actually in fairness the present company I work for is showing similar signs of lack of core values, another reason why this is being pushed) enjoy life really, doing something I am good at and can achieve well in.  So Kinnell Kreations is finally becoming a business that is doing something and it feels good.

I have been working a lot on the background infrastructure, website, marketing materials sales material etc, at the same time I have been out the last few weeks in Bingham and surrounding handing out fliers/business cards and generally introducing myself and the business, you know what the early signs are really positive.

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Things can only get better…

Friday, May 4th, 2012

I told you I would back soon.

As if we needed anything else to change with our lives and our ministry, indeed in your walk with God it invariably does, mostly for the good, sometimes for the worse, but always for the best.

We are handing over Wellspring CGC.

Recently we have been feeling frustrated with where Wellspring is going, in the sense of we haven’t been getting a fresh revelation/vision for where it is going. Considering it has come to light that we aren’t supposed to be taking it forward, all of a sudden makes perfect sense. Thank God for that.

We came to Nottingham in August 2008 and that was with the sole intention of taking on Wellspring and moving it forward on the platform that was laid for us, officially from Nov 2008. Nearly 4 years later we are stepping down as Pastors and letting another couple run the next leg of the race. What a race it has been. We have had some amazing times these past 3 and a bit years. We are not leaving Nottingham nor indeed are we leaving Wellspring, Dave and Lizzi Baskeyfield are moving over from Stoke to take on the baton. We are excited about this new chapter and also being part of the new season for Wellspring under Dave and Lizzi.

So what happens with us now I hear you ask? Well even if you aren’t, we have been. Well you have to really when God speaks to you and the next part is not clear, don’t ask you’ll never know.


That’s what happens with us, nothing, not moving, not changing, not stepping into something new, not moving house. Nothing. Sometimes God is very specific and certainly with me I can discern quite easily what He is saying. Sometimes like when we moved to Nottingham, God was silent and not saying much, despite our best efforts to drag an answer out of him. At that time, the radio silence was because we hadn’t done the last thing that He told us to do, which was go (to Nottingham) we were still in Paisley, so you can see why he wasn’t for chatting. This time, though, God has clearly said, time of rest, step down from Pastor and just chill for a bit, you’ve taken on 2 kids, (who are wonderful by the way) and you have done all that I asked you to do re Wellspring, now take some time out.

We’re not very good at taking time out and for ourselves as well. So we needed…permission…which is sad, but He knows us only too well. Some of you I am sure reading this are thinking exactly the same thing, you know us well!!

It has been a long and hard road (rewarding and frustrating, encouraging and depressing) the time that Yve and I have been together, from a ministry perspective, so to be honest I am looking forward to just having some focus on the family time. This I am writing while chilling in my favourite Coffee Shop with my 2nd cup of Americano, just practicing for when we’ve handed over. Only thing missing, is not having the laptop for company but to sit with my beautiful wife. Miss you Babe xx.

So here’s to the future, as with God it is written but we have yet to experience the adventure, and what a ride he promises, I for one am holding on tight.

I feel like a proper Pastor now…

Friday, July 15th, 2011

Challenging question when you consider what is a proper Pastor?

I was sat in a café the other day, a new one has opened (The Picture Café) off Market Square in Bingham where we live and it is really nice, they have had their teething issues with staff training etc, but then you expect that with a new business and you, well I do, roll with it and give them some grace.  I can’t remember why I was in on this particular day but I know I was on my own, so it must have been Thursday since wee man is in Pre School all day Thursday, I believe Yve was out getting a massage or something to do with haircut, something girly and pampering like, she deserves it.

I was sat there much like I am now and I just thought to myself I am a Pastor and a man of leisure that can do this sort of thing…what sort of thing, you know rock up to a coffee shop, whip out the laptop and sit with a Black Americano; Large and potter away on the laptop, looking either nerdy, geeky or just pompous, can’t decide which.  I think I wrote Sleep Deprivation [Internal Link] from there?  I know I wrote one of the recent posts.

Anyhoo, I was sat there and thought I have arrived all I need now is a sign which reads “Need Prayer?” and I have arrived, I am a proper Pastor!!  Weird since I am not that kind of person, well at least I didn’t think I was, out there evangelist asking random strangers/people if they want prayer.  I have heard of other pastors and friends doing something similar and seen FB posts saying anyone free for a Coffee meeting in Starbucks @….  I guess for me it is part of this new family life that I am living.  Firstly I only have the time to visit the Café since I am on Adoption Leave and don’t need to be in work mon – fri 9-5 so that helps.  But secondly, ironically I am not yet able to be so free since wee man is only in pre school Thursdays all day and Friday afternoon and Thursdays Yve and I spend together as some of the only time off together we get without the kids, since all other days especially weekends are kids, kids and kids, mostly both sometimes 1 each.  You got to protect the time with the missus, that is sacrosanct and a no go area, just ask some of the youth I looked after at the Olive Tree about ‘Date Night’ and they will tell you how sacrosanct this time is.

Maybe it will be different when wee man is more in pre-school after the summer he will be in 3 days a week all day, girly girl is already in school has been since day one. So perhaps after the summer I will be able to spend Tuesdays and Fridays (Yve currently works those days) in the café with a sign that says “I need prayer!” will wait and see…



Father Abbott

Tres Weird

Sunday, April 3rd, 2011

Hard to think really that since the age of 15 I have been working in some place or other, and now I am not for the next few months. I say few since this is a bit of an unknown time quantity. I have never been out of work for more than 6 weeks and that was only because I had hurt my back and I was physically unable to work.

I said farewell to my office colleagues as I embark on this unusual journey and I held it together, almost lost it at one point. Sat in the car to drive home and that was it, tears started a rolling, not because I am that upset at not being at work, but to finish and take the adoption leave signifies a huge step and that is why the tears were rolling because of the significance of what it represents.

Part of the emotions were related to the fact that I know what is expected of me at work, I know what to do when faced with a PC or a server or something related to Acquire. Now Yve and I are embarking on adopting 2 children and suddenly I forget all the experience I have working with children tots to youth and suddenly I think I don’t know what I am doing!! While part of that may be true and some would say a good place to be since I will rest on God for the answers, I still feel out of my depth.

The other part of the emotions there on Friday was the sheer pressure and weight that I carry, sorry carried, being the IT Department at Working Solutions, now as I left the building and take this time off to focus on the kids, it releases me and I can already feel the weight and burden lifting to a great degree. Sure I still have KIT Days and then others when I may pop in and see the guys, but as a day to day pressure and commitment I am not there and can’t continue to carry that, my focus will be on the 2 new additions to the family and that is right.

I have lots to do this week, Yve and I are heading into town tomorrow (Mon) and then the rest of the week I have various wee jobs around the house to do, lino to lay, door threshold grippers to fix, door handles to sort, mirrors and pictures to hang as well as a few wee clearing jobs to the tip as well. Amongst all of that the whole reason for starting the adoption leave a whole week before the introductions is so that I can mentally and to a degree emotionally prepare for their arrival. Can’t do that while I am still working, I’m a bloke after all and can only focus on one thing at a time, work or kids, not both!!