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8th of Movember

Sunday, November 9th, 2014


I suppose you could call this my Bah Humbug face, don’t really have any reason to be making the face, certainly not that upset about anything especially not Christmas, guess I am just trying to be different bit of variety.  Before the month is out I can have as many faces as there are emoticons…could be my next challenge, eh.

I have noticed either consciously or subconsciously that I have been stroking my face a lot more, not the noticing but the stroking is either conscious or subconscious, of course.  It’s weird and strange since I am now over a week not shaving and I am noticing all sorts of things, the feel of it, the way my jowls feel scratchy when I bend my head down, the look in the mirror, the colour of the hair itself, the patches where it grows more vigorously than others, why it does that, do I like the look, does anyone else…and so I go on strange experience but then I think I am only doing it for Movember and then we’re done.  I do also have days where I argue with myself that since I am not following strictly the Movember rules as laid down nor getting sponsor money, what is to stop me just shaving it off???!!!

Pride, commitment, integrity, self belief, self discovery, the challenge, the reason for even entering into this, loads of things some intrinsic to me others bolted on for a season, will pass as the blade does over the features soon to be erased as will their meaning, the others are carved and etched into the very core of my being noted in the wrinkles and lines on my face and sought from deep within my eyes, never passing always present.

The jury is out from me personally on the features growing out not my chin, time will tell or perhaps it will only solidify what I already feel!?

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7th of Movember

Saturday, November 8th, 2014


This is my tired eyes look, notice the chin is much whiter, still doesn’t look like I even have a moustache hence why I am letting it all grow makes more of an impact and shows. Not liking it though after a full week of not shaving, every time I look in the mirror I don’t see me looking back weird…

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6th of Movember

Thursday, November 6th, 2014


Another day another whisker, or three, you can get a sense in this picture how long it takes me to grow anything of worth. It has to be said it is coming on all be it slowly. I run my hand over my chin and jaw line and it is getting past the prickly stage and more towards the soft stage, or perhaps that is more because of the bald patches I have noticed as I investigate the parts other beards don’t seem to reach.

I still don’t have any growth to attach the facial hair up past my ears to my hair line so this could be seriously ridiculous in a week or so time as it gets longer and more prominent.  As I look in the mirror I am somewhat glad I am choosing to grow not just a moustache since I can barely make that out, the most prominent and noticeable growth is on the chin, although sometimes when I look at myself I just see someone who hasn’t shaved for nearly a week and to be honest really should. But then is that not the point of Movember, its not supposed to look rugged and hewn it is supposed to look ridiculous and just obvious that you are always clean shaven and for some reason you stopped and it really isn’t a good look for you and that prompts questions and debates and raises the awareness…

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Remember, Remember the 5th of Movember

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014


Well it’s Guy Fawkes, bonfire night and the night sky has been lit up, brilliant night for it cold, still, cloudless, haven’t been out this year perhaps we will another time. On the plus side Honey has been pretty good with all the noise, normally she would have been firmly camped under our bed for the duration shivering, perhaps the dwindling ability to hear has its advantages.

I am only taking the pictures as a visual catalogue, being light hair you can barely see it in pictures in the flesh it is better, well not for Mrs it isn’t. Really feel the hairs bristling as I run my fingers over my chin and face, the kids still think it’s hilariously funny.  Did find out that the place I normally get my hair cut does deal with trimming beards as well so that’s helpful. Having never done this much growth before I had to ask, not that I need any trimming for a while but good to be prepared.

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4th of Movember

Tuesday, November 4th, 2014


I think I look a bit gormless in this shot…coming along all be it at a snails pace. Interesting people are starting to notice people I meet regularly but not everyday, not sparked any conversations as yet but time will come.

Had to laugh just the other day as we remarked that I had just spent about £17 odd pounds on new blades and a new bottle of after shave balm just at the start of 4 and a bit weeks of not shaving, oh the irony.

Being blond or should I say light, it is only just becoming noticeable, not sure if you can see in the pictures but it is definitely not as noticeable as men who have darker hair growth, still I should look on the bright side at least it’s not an uncharacteristic hue of red!

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3rd of Movember

Monday, November 3rd, 2014


Well day 3 how you doing? I’m good, really feel like I have bidirectional hair growth now, I’m not so excited about it as it is still really patchy.  You probably can’t make out from the photo, but here’s a brief rundown…

Top lip – even throughout and dark in colour depending on which way the light hits it.
Bottom lip – same as top perhaps a little light on coverage but across full extent of lips surface.
Chin – good overall coverage this is where it is most evident and good coverage.
Jaw line – the chin coverage extends half way along the jaw line then peaters out, at least consistently on both sides.
Jowls (under chin) – immediately beneath jaw bone good after that gets a bit patchy.  I have a childhood scar right on my chin underneath so nothing grows on that patch anyway so at a disadvantage to kick off.
Sideburns – strangely but not surprisingly almost non existent. Another reason why I have never attempted bearded status, never in my life and not for lack of trying in my formative years has anything of note grown from the hairline past me ears, depressing really.

Comments from the family…Wife Yve says I am getting a bit prickly, did I mention she is not keen on the beard or any facial hair.  Girly girl adores and loves it, was touching my face and lip like a baby explores a father face when something is different just to make sure it is him.  Wee man at the dinner table tonight, “I don’t mean to be rude daddy but you’re beard is the same colour as the side of your head is, light!”

So Abbott household is very divided on the subject of Father Abbott facial hair…

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Monday, July 8th, 2013

Hi all, I have been around just busy with family life really, made some changes to the blog back end.  Basically updated some stuff should make it easier to upload, check/read comments.

Added some much needed mobile optimisation, means if you view the blog etc on the move mobile, tablet, iPad etc then it should look better easier to read.

Added some ‘share’ buttons, meaning if you want to share the post, article on FB, Twitter, Google etc, then it is right at the bottom of this post, and every other post.

Added some “follow” this blog options to the site so that if you want to receive updates via email etc then it is a lot easier.   I will still be posting direct to Facebook and indeed Twitter as well now, so make sure you are following me there.

Some more posts will come later have a couple that were written some time ago that will be regenerated.

Father Abbott

Glass Busted

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Hey Ho, late last night as I pulled onto the drive was asked if I could go to Leeds to attend site, as they were having some issues.  Nae bother, all in a days work, into the office and picked up laptop and a couple of units imaged in case replacements.

On the road to Leeds not more than 10 minutes in BAM, something hard hit the windscreen and I now have a crack about the size of a 10p piece in the bottom drivers side.


Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I could actually get in trouble for using that title, since I am not useless, but that is to what I am referring to.  I have this habit of writing or getting into something and being all gun ho for a while and then completely tailing off to hardly anything or simply nothing at all.

Here is a classic example it has been 2 months since my last post.  I mean what is all that about!!??

Hello world!

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Not really sure how this will go I am supposed to be doing a reflective journal type of thing as we are entering into the Adoption Process once more.

So I hope that I will be writing and blogging about my personal journey on this rather scary and bumpy road that is adoption.
Join me and let’s take the journey together.